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AWhat is Assisted Living Facility Insurance

"Assisted living insurance is a special type of insurance which provides your cost of living and expenses. It is specially made for senior citizens. This insurance provides you with long-range aid which helps your financial sector.

The assurance can cover your various criteria and daily activities, including medical expenses, medication management, dressing, bathing, and more. Assisted living facilities will cover these facilities. Because with the help of any Medicare or life insurance company, you cannot fully cover these sectors.

What Types of Coverage Are Included in An Assisted Living Insurance Policy?

The assisted living policy covers specific types of things. Most of the policies’ terms are covering the living facilities, including extra assisted costs. And they are

  • Personal Care

  • Private Room

  • Social Activities

  • Transportation

All the above facilities have been described below briefly:

Personal Care

The primary goal of every assisted living insurance policy is to cover their clients’ activities. Senior citizens need the most care. This is why assisted living policy can provide cover with personal care, including dressing, bathing, and medication.

Private Room

The insurance policy helps you to cover the cost of a shared or private room. Besides, it can help you in other sections too. They are – utility and meals.

Social Activities

Many senior citizens often want to find insurance that can provide help for social activities. Assisted living assurance can help you with these activities, even if it means recreational activities.


Transportation is one of the major sectors in assisted living facilities. Besides transportation, the assurance policy can cover medical care, and other errands too.

Can I Use My Life Insurance Policy to Cover Assisted Living?

If you consider it, it could be the best opportunity to use your life insurance policy to cover assisted living. However, there are a couple of things that you should reconsider first.

If you have a higher nominal value policy, then it would be a great option for you. Because in this way, the policy would be worth more than $50,000. You can expect to get around $10,000 to $20,000. This amount will be paid in monthly installments from your life insurance policy.

The paid money will directly go into your facility immediately. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to it. We are given this briefly below for you to know:


  • You will get your money fast

  • You do not need to concern about paying the installments

  • You do not need to manage your policy of life insurance

  • Since the amount is going into the facility directly, you can still get Medical Aid


  • If you use this option, your life insurance will no longer be valid. It means that if you die, your family will not get any payment from the life insurance company. Because the money is going to the assisted living facility directly.

  • It is not the most logical solution for you

  • You will not get the total nominal value for using this option

You can reconsider whether you want to take the policy or not. However, it is a good option and it is worth considering.

Here is some advice for you. Before making any decision about an insurance policy, you should talk to a specialist first. It will help you to know better about the assurance policy.

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Assisted living insurance is a special type of insurance which provides your cost of living and expenses.

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